Spring Green and Wild Garlic Kraut
Spring Green and Wild Garlic Kraut

Spring Green and Wild Garlic Kraut

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At The Fermentation Station we focus on small-batch seasonal sustainable ferments, and this one belongs in our Spring collection. This season we are taking on two Sauerkrauts to surprise your taste buds, that tie in with all things Spring and welcome the warmer months.

Our Spring Green and Wild Garlic Kraut focuses on using our interpretation of traditional methods to create an earthy, mellow ferment. We have hand foraged the Wild Garlic locally in Liverpool. Created using seasonal Spring Greens, which are bitter and sharp, packed full of Vitamins C, E, K, Iron and much more. Fermented alongside shredded Sweetheart Cabbages to add sweetness and a nutty-ness to the ferment. The Wild Garlic adds a smooth, mellow taste and has a distinct earthy flavour, that is also delicate and sweet

As the Easter weekend approaches in Spring, this ferment is everything you need for your Easter Sunday Lamb. We created this Sauerkraut to pair perfectly with a beautiful rosemary roasted Lamb, great on leftover sandwiches. Alternatively it adds a fantastic funky crunch to your Vegan Wellington, or mixed into a Vegan Mac n Cheese. We are excited by the diversity of this ferments as we enter warmer salad season. 

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