Nettle & Rose Kombucha - Case of 6

Nettle & Rose Kombucha - Case of 6

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We have taken inspiration from the spring blossoms for our kombucha's, reminding us of the seasonal restart that occurs every year, as the days slowly get warmer and longer our native flora bursts into action soaking up the sun and showing off their fantastically bright new looks. 

This blend of earthy Nettle and bright Sencha rose green tea is a perfect mix, contrasting the vegetal flavours of the nettle with the bright floral bitterness of the green tea creates a well balanced and refreshing drink.

Serve in a long glass with a good handful of ice and garnish with rose blossom and pink peppercorns and if you want to indulge even more adding your favourite pink gin wouldn't go a miss. 

Take Care of your ferment, check out our Gut-Loving Guide