Fermented Foods The Complete Seasonal Selection

Fermented Foods The Complete Seasonal Selection

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Our Seasonal bundle for fermented foods includes our Spring Leek, Lemon & Samphire Kraut and A Spring Green & Wild Garlic Kraut. 

Our Leek, Lemon and Samphire Kraut focuses on using traditional methods to create a light, refreshing take on this ferment. The leeks add sharpness and funk, whilst the Lemons create a refreshing, aromatic and herbaceous edge. The addition of Samphire only contributes an umami funky ferment perfect for seafood. 

Our Spring Green and Wild Garlic Kraut is bitter, crunchy and mellow. The combination of Spring Greens and Sweetheart Cabbages in this ferment makes both an earthy and sweet Sauerkraut. The Wild Garlic adds a smooth and mellow Garlic-ness that's delicate.

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