Fermented Foods The Complete Seasonal Selection

Fermented Foods The Complete Seasonal Selection

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Our Seasonal bundle for fermented foods includes our Curtido and Asian Pear Kimchi. 

Our Curtido is a traditional ferment, typical in Salvadoran cuisine and that of other Central American countries. Similar to other Lacto-Ferments, such as Sauerkraut, it's an El Salvadoran slaw made primarily from fermented red cabbage. Blended with Serrano chilli's, garlic and herbaceous Oregano, this ferment is perfect topping taco's or adding crunch to hummus. 

Our Summer Asian Pear Kimchi is our take on a seasonal Kimchi. Using Asian Pear and Spring Onions to add a citrus sharpness to this traditional Korean ferment. The pears have a sweet tartness, that's floral and has low acidity, whilst the spring onion are fresh, pungent and add further sweetness to this Kimchi. We absolutely love adding our Summer ferment to a Chicken burger for a spicy crunch.  

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