Leek, Lemon & Samphire Kraut

Leek, Lemon & Samphire Kraut

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Our Leek, Lemon & Samphire kraut was a spur of the moment collaboration last spring with nearby Claremont Farm, they had leeks in the field that were surplus and were about to be mulched! 

We grabbed our wellies, picked as many as we could fit into our car and made up this delicious recipe with easter dishes in mind.

It was so popular last year, we had to bring it back, utilising local ingredients as much as possible this kraut is bright, zingy and perfect with any fish dish. 

A spoonful of this would elevate a Niçoise salad to greater things, propel a lemon risotto to the next level and boost a herby creamy pasta to the outer reaches of flavour. Don't miss out...

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