Spring Sustenance Kombucha - Case of 6

Spring Sustenance Kombucha - Case of 6

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 We have taken inspiration from the spring blossoms for our kombucha's, reminding us of the seasonal restart that occurs every year, as the days slowly get warmer and longer our native flora bursts into action soaking up the sun and showing off their fantastically bright new looks. 

Spring Sustenance, is a herbal tea from our favourite local teahouse Leaf, using raspberry leaf, chamomile, rose petals, spearmint/peppermint, citrus peel and hibiscus for a lifting floral medley. 

This restorative beverage shakes off the dark and dreary memories of winter past and looks to offer botanical sustenance for the sunny days coming our way. 

A sweet, bright and floral kombucha, this is best served in a wine glass to fully appreciate those mellow aromas from the botanicals.

Works very well in a spring rose wine spritz, with some raspberries for garnish.

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