Dead Man's Fire

Dead Man's Fire

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Dead man’s Fire is part of our fermented hot sauce brewery collaboration, using Chapter brewing’s dark and delicious smoked black pepper Porter Dead Man’s Fist.

This was a no brainer for a hot sauce, with the base of smoky black pepper notes and the dark malt flavours in the porter providing a solid base for us to build on. We started with our fermented jalapeños, adding a little extra heat and some complimentary tobacco and leather flavours with some cascabel chillies, gentle acidity, and citrus notes from some freshly squeezed orange juice before bringing it together with some fermented garlic.

This hot sauce has a rich and deep flavour and lends itself to stronger pairings such as glazing chargrilled oyster mushrooms skewers, or on slow roasted spicy beef brisket and of course on top of a grilled cheese toastie.

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