Chamomile Kombucha
Chamomile Kombucha

Chamomile Kombucha

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Chamomile is a sweet, mild, floral, and earthy bloom that has been used in herbal medicines and teas for centuries and is the perfect cup of relaxation. 

Our Chamomile Kombucha is packed with floral notes, and hints of sweet honey, whilst adding that beautiful Kombucha funk. With this in mind we see this as the perfect beverage to enjoy on a lazy spring evening, strolling through the park.

It's the perfect infusion to help unwind and relax, especially before bed. Chamomile can also help aid digestion and menstrual cramps as it contains a special compound known to help relax the muscular lining. 

We hope you enjoy this golden Kombucha watching the sun slowly set with no particular place to go...

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