Welcome 2022 at The Fermentation Station

Welcome 2022 at The Fermentation Station

In typical fashion we’ve definitely missed the boat on saying Happy New Year, but when you’re just a two-man band you can’t blame us. Nevertheless, we will take this occasion to thank you all for the support, custom and joy that you gave us at The Fermentation Station throughout 2021. With a little over a year since our launch date in November 2020, we’ve come a long way and had more successes and business highs than we ever imagined. None of this would be achievable without every person who placed an order, shared an Instagram story, mentioned us to their boss, or just offered us words of encouragement.

Christmas TFS

We began TFS in a very strange time, not just for us as a couple, but for the entire world. It made us re-evaluate our purpose and drivers in life and we know we aren’t the only ones. Whilst the world is slowly getting back on their feet, we wondered whether the motivation for individuals to shop local, support independents and live a more sustainable life would continue. 

Whilst not wanting to make our blog about the challenges we face as a small independent business, there are certainly some mountains to climb, kinks in the road to iron out and an economy that is certainly struggling for many members of society. Acknowledging those elements of life in 2022 we are even more thankful for the continued custom and support of absolutely everyone.

As we enter our second year of trading and the year 2022, we are buzzing with energy at the possibilities and potential that’s blossoming at TFS. Our festive period bowled us over, and as we said goodbye to 2021 our fridges were completely empty of ferments. No matter how much we made, or how much kimchi went through our fermenters, you completely sold us out. Every week we were continually surprised by the orders being shipped, and it never let up. We certainly learnt some lessons along the way too, and come the festive period of 2022, things will bigger, brighter and “funkier” (although we aren’t ready to think too much about this just yet).

 Team TFS 1st Anniversary

In the meantime, we are truly committed to being the very best of the best when it comes to ferments. This year you can expect to see some new team members join TFS. We want people who are as passionate about ferments, gut-health, sustainability and reducing food waste as we are. That doesn’t mean you have to be an expert in all thing’s lactobacillus, we just want a team that’s keen to be creative, form part of our family and fit within our culture. Whilst we aren’t quite recruiting just yet, if you’re interested in a role with TFS, we are interested in you, feel free to send over your CV to info@thefermentation-station.co.uk.

The Fermentation Station came to life in a small house filled with love. Every day we make ferments in a home immersed in family history and we remind ourselves that our work is steeped in cultural heritage, that isn’t ‘Michelin’ magic but traditional care. With much excitement and a tinge of sadness we’ve outgrown our first ever home, we outgrew it a while ago. The space no longer has the capacity to make the volume of ferments our customers are calling for. So, we are moving!! It's only taken us 9 months to find the right home for TFS, but finally we think we are on to a winner. From our small start to a unit that’s nearly 3,000 square feet, it goes to say that we are truly humbled and just a little bit terrified. More space means more ferments, a home for a bigger team and the capacity to welcome you into our kitchen. Our new home offers a real opportunity for us to welcome you right to our kitchen table, and we can’t wait to break bread.

 Our First home

Our new space also gives us the creativity to diversify and offer new products to our collection. You’ll soon see some subscription services at TFS, one with a particularly fun twist, which we can’t wait to introduce. We also love hearing about which of a seasonal product you love the most. We are considering making one of our seasonal kombucha’s a permanent staple, our brand hero! And we’d love to know which one you’d like to buy all year round, send us a message on social media and let us know.

Being a small business owner is daunting, but it’s also the wildest ride you’ll ever go on. We are so in love with TFS, the brand we have created and the achievements we’ve reached in only 14 months. We couldn’t imagine doing anything different, but we do need to learn a little more work-life balance. We are ready for the adventure ahead of us in 2022, although a little scared. But as we’ve always said, “Feel the Fear and do it anyway!”

Bring on 2022.

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