About Us

Our Story 

Hey! We are Amy & Sam the faces behind The Fermentation Station - an authentic fermented food and drinks producer based in Liverpool


The Fermentation Station grew out of a real passion for food, the community it creates, the traditions it harbours, and the cultures it engages. Wherever there’s love, there’s food, and the festive tradition of making homemade hampers for our loved ones, grew into experimenting with new products and recipes. 

Creating and cultivating ferments is like adding an extra loved one, our products are alive, they need attention, and they take time. The 2020 pandemic and subsequent lockdown/furlough allowed us the time to experiment with fermented food and drinks and fully harness our brand concept. Before we knew it The Fermentation Station went from a part of our sideboard at home to a business, a brand identity and we’d moved it into a vacant two-bedroom bungalow. Our fermenters grew from 1L jars to100L fermenters and 50L Korean fermenting buckets.

We are a simple unpretentious team obsessed with all things ferments and that sums up our mission, removing the pomposity of fermentation and helping make it accessible to everyone. We believe in showcasing the diversity of fermented foods through traditional and sustainable methods. Educating, inspiring and connecting communities to create positive health outcomes and food waste solutions.

What is Fermentation? How are we different?

Fermentation is an ancient technique of preserving foods. Today we see fermentation in products such as cheese, yoghurt, kombucha, sauerkraut. Essentially fermentation is the natural process of microorganisms such as yeast and bacteria converting carbohydrates - such as starch and sugars - into alcohol and acid. The alcohol and acid act as a preservative agent in ferments. The process of fermentation promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria, known as probiotics.

The purpose of The Fermentation Station was to create authentic, unique and probiotic ferments that are focused on sustainability. We have six core products that we produce and ferment all year round. However the majority of our ferments are seasonally focused. We work closely with local farmers, producers and green grocers on what fruit and vegetables are currently in the British season, and using those ingredients we create unique and diverse ferments that are preserved for future seasons to come. We are especially keen to reduce food waste through fermentation. Using fermentation and pickling are methods to make fresh food last longer, reducing food waste and giving food a second life.

Whilst alternative fermenters are choosing to pasteurise their products or use inauthentic substrates to speed up their ferments, we have a 'Probiotic Pledge' ensuring that every product that leaves our kitchen will be packed with Live Bacterial Goodness. We are committed to leaving as little environmental impact on our planet, that's not only why we work seasonally but also work hard to ensure that our packaging is recyclable and/or compostable.