About Us

The Fermentation Station are specialists in the art of fermenting foods and drinks, making probiotic products which are healthy, delicious, diverse, and sustainable.

Recognised globally and throughout history, fermented foods and drinks are accessible to all and are part of rich cultural traditions whilst benefiting digestive and immune system health. The natural activity of fermentation produces live probiotics, B vitamins, minerals, and enzymes, as well as increasing their bioavailability to the body. Meaning that our food and drinks are naturally good for your overall health.

Here at The Fermentation Station we believe in showcasing the diversity of fermented foods through traditional and sustainable methods. Educating, inspiring and connecting communities to create positive health outcomes and food waste solutions. Fermentation is what we call “Ordered Chaos”, we want our products to be fun from start to finish. From the love and creativity, we put into creating our ferments to the delicious dishes and drinks you make with them.

The people behind The Fermentation Station are Liverpool-based Amy and Sam. We are a simple unpretentious team obsessed with all things ferments and that sums up our mission, removing the pomposity of fermentation and helping make it accessible to everyone. We are a really friendly and approachable team and if you have any questions or you just want to chat ferments drop us a line.

We hope our passion is translated in our range of products but to find out more about our seasonal ferments or upcoming workshops please follow us on social media or take a browse of our website.