Fermentation Workshops

From fermentation first timers to the most proficient pickler, our workshops blend history and knowledge with the natural simplicity of fermenting, educating, and entertaining in the same breath.

Our workshops are inclusive for everyone, as fermentation should be! We provide all the equipment you will need to produce a variety of seasonal ferments, including ingredients and vessels. By the end of the workshop, you will have your own delicious, diverse, seasonal ferment to take home and enjoy.

Fermentation is what we call “Ordered Chaos”, we want our products to be fun from start to finish. We hope our ferments help you get creative, have fun, and inspire you to try new dishes, especially with the help of our ‘Pickles on a Plate’ series.

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Please read our Terms & Conditions before making a booking. By proceeding with a booking will be considering confirmation of your agreement with the T&C's. 

We are also available for private events and can provide our workshops at different venues, please get in touch to discuss further. For any corporate clients please contact us on info@thefermentation-station.co.uk.