Beans means....Kimchi

Beans means....Kimchi

Kimchi Baked Beans – too good to be true?

 Sorry if our April Fools tricked you, sadly we haven’t got a new collaboration launching with Heinz…

(not just yet but our DMs are wide open.)

 When we started The Fermentation Station, we wanted our brand to be as synonymous with ferments as Heinz is with beanz so they seemed an ideal choice for our little ruse and hopefully they enjoy the small amount of publicity we got them. 

So if you are hankering for some kimchi baked beans, let Heinz know and let’s get this ball rolling, but until then here’s how to make your own at home!

You will need one tin of Heinz baked beans and one jar of The Fermentation Station Kimchi, other brands are available but if you want the OG, best of the best, well the choice is yours and just know we’re judging you.

Firstly you want to strain your delicious kimchi juice from the jar, a sieve over a bowl is the easiest way to achieve this, keep some of your strained kimchi to one side for later. Mix your kimchi juice into your beans and place on the hob to slowly warm through. Simples.

Don’t let it hit a boil, we’re looking for a gentle simmer here.

Toast your favourite kind of bread and apply your favourite butter, place on your favourite plate for extra bonus points. Pour those luxurious handmade kimchi beans all over your buttery toast. Add cheese at this point if that tickles your pickle. 

Place your strained kimchi on top for an umami mega hit or top with sliced spring onions and a sprinkle of sesame seeds for a less funky vibe. Get comfy and dig in, you deserve it!

This is the end of my TED talk on why kimchi baked beans need to be a thing and thank you for attending.

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