Spring Has Sprung

Spring 2021

After what has felt like the longest winter in an eternity, we have been waiting on bated breath for the first little signs of spring. A snowdrop forcing its way through thawing ground, the lighter mornings and evenings coming through, the raucous dawn chorus waking us up and daffodils beginning to flourish are all signs that we are moving into a new season.

We at TFS get most excited when we can plan a new season’s selection, exploring the new fruit and veg available to us. We get to be creative in the kitchen, experimenting with new flavours and trying to marry them up with the upcoming seasons events.

Spring for us conjures up images of lazy days in the park, maybe with a little picnic and some light refreshment, nestled between the bright colours of the first spring blossoms to shake of the hardship of winter and soak up that much needed sunshine.

We have taken inspiration for our water kefirs from the spring herbs,Spring Water Kefir Collection citrus fruits, and floral ingredients, pairing them together to create bold combinations. Firstly, with Lemon and Rosemary you can expect a tart citrus bite followed by the herbaceous pine resin hit of rosemary working so well together. Secondly, we have our beautiful Lavender and Rhubarb, starting with the earthy punch of fresh rhubarb before succumbing to the sweet honey tones of lavender, oh and that colour, wow. Last but not least we have our Blood Orange and Coriander Seed, rich juicy deep red blood oranges pair perfectly with the citrus boost from the coriander seeds, creating layers on layers of spring brightness in a bottle.

For our kombucha this season we have 4 new flavours, again exploring the key signifiers of the spring season. When we think of spring we think of blossoming nature and the fresh start therein, so we have a green tea Cherry Blossom Kombucha using Leaf tea which is guaranteed to blow the cobwebs away and put a spring in your step Spring Kombucha Collection(Pun completely intended).

We also have a Masala Chai blend also using Leaf tea, the classic chai blend gives you a warming boost on those colder spring mornings to help you start your day. With a little caffeine kick to help you reawaken, ginger adding the spicy heat and soothed by the sweet aroma of cardamom and cinnamon. We wanted this kombucha to be the perfect antidote to a spring snap freeze, warming you completely and giving you a jumpstart.

Chamomile is our third spring kombucha flavour and is a classic warmer weather flavour. A relaxing treat to slowly enjoy whilst reading a book on a lazy sunny day, take some time to yourself you deserve it. Sometimes simple pleasures are the best, don’t mess with it.

Our fourth kombucha is the first of our artist charity series, where we approach local artists to design a label for one of our drinks and the profits are donated to their charity of choice. We have a whole blog dedicated to this inaugural collaboration as it has a very special place in our hearts, go read it here.

We decided to release two spring adaptations of Sauerkraut as we couldn’t choose between the two that we had created, they’re perfect sides to spring Easter celebrations. Our Spring Green & Wild GarlicSpring Kraut Collection Kraut has the subtle hum of wild garlic contrasting with the bitterness of spring greens. This would be the perfect addition to an easter Sunday roast however you like it be it traditional lamb or a seitan wellington.

Our second spring kraut is Leek, Lemon & Samphire Kraut, created with a combination of white cabbage, leek, samphire, lemon zest and juniper berries and would work so well with any seaside inspired dish, making your good Friday great. This would perfectly boost any fish dish and add an element of the sea to any plant-based substitute.


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