Team TFS has grown by two - please welcome Chris & Kieron from EXP101

Team TFS has grown by two - please welcome Chris & Kieron from EXP101

Team TFS

Amy Yarker & Sam Watson founded The Fermentation Station only 12 months ago and since then have become Liverpool’s most loved fermentors. After featuring on The AFD podcast last summer the entrepreneurs made such a great impression on Chris & Kieron that they stayed in touch and now plan to work together to grow their brand & grow an army of fermenters across the UK.

“We are delighted to be working with Amy & Sam. Any business that wants to grow has to have strong ethics at the heart of it, they certainly have that. We share the same values & can't wait to get started. One of the most exciting aspects of The Fermentation Station is that this industry has plenty of room to grow & we want to not just sell our products but to pass on Amy & Sam’s passion & knowledge to anyone who wants to learn about fermentation."

Collectively we are keen to continue to grow The Fermentation Station with the ethics of small-batch, gut-loving and sustainably-focused ferments at the heart of our mission. There is a large education piece to be done, not only the benefits of ferments but on how authentic ferments taste and the love and care that goes into their production. We are committed to being at the forefront of that conversation, with The Fermentation Station ferments being consistent in both quality and being produced through authentic, traditional methods.

The Fermentation Station focuses on sustainability through seasonal ferments. Amy & Sam enjoy how creative and experimental fermentation allows them to be with their food, specifically the benefits in reducing food waste. Now the team has grown they are hoping to extend their reach across the nation, working closely with hospitality industry, farmers and green grocers to reduce food waste through fermentation, and closing the food loop.

“We are absolutely thrilled to welcome Kieron & Chris to Team TFS. The Fermentation Station grew out of a passion for fermentation, sustainability and reducing food waste. We are just massive foodies who love to experiment with food and bringing others happiness through their tummies; and what could be better than food and drink that’s not only delicious but packed with so many good gut benefits. We love Chris & Kieron’s enthusiasms and were instantly drawn to their passion and vision. We are looking forward to growing the team and working together to get ferments into more homes across the UK.”

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