Welcome to Pickles on a Plate

Hello, and welcome to our blog series Pickles on a Plate.

It has always been part of our plan to include blogs on our website called Pickles on a Plate. We never want you to find a half-eaten jar of one of our ferments at the back of your fridge and wonder what to use it with. This blog series hopes to inspire and educate you on all things fermentation and showcase the diversity of meals that can be given an extra edge with our added funk.

The blog series will also give you insight into us, Amy & Sam. Our methods and madness behind The Fermentation Station and where we get our flavour inspiration from. We are launching the next couple of weeks with some really great staple dishes, some vision for our Spring Launch and the special commemorative Kombucha that’s close to our heart. 

The Fermentation Station Team

We’ve always likened Fermentation to ‘ordered chaos’, and we want to bring that into your homes. We aren’t asking for anything wild or completely out your comfort zone of cooking at home. You won’t find any extravagant or hard to find ingredients here (or certainly not very often), these should be easy, approachable and simple home cooked meals. Something you can throw together on a weeknight but will give you all the added benefits of some gut-friendly bacteria and added quirk to your food.

We love to experiment with our ferments so from time to time we will throw you a wild card, but we promise any faff will be worth the pay-off on flavour and diversity.

Fermentation is something our ancestors having been doing for centuries, it’s simple, it doesn’t require fancy machinery or a fistful of degrees. It’s not ‘Michelin Star Magic’ it’s just the good old standard natural and spontaneous kind of “Mother Nature Magic’. We hope through Pickles on a Plate you can see just how down to earth and approachable fermentation is, and we can see more of our pickles on your plates.

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