Traditional Kimchi | The Fermentation Station UK
Traditional Kimchi | The Fermentation Station UK


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One of the best known traditional ferments, Kimchi is a key part of The Fermentation Station's core family. We've fermented our Kimchi as close as is traditionally possible to do so.

It's spicy, rich, funky and tart. Making it perfectly paired with fatty protein, cheese and traditional pure sticky grains of white rice. This ferment is also perfect for blending and making into its own condiment. Or use the yummy Kimchi juice mixed with butter to spice up your Sourdough. The possibilities from a single jar of this Korean classic are endless. 

Kimchi holds a zesty depth of flavour unlike any other, if you've never tried it, we're confident you're going to love it.

Take Care of your ferment, check out our Gut-Loving Guide


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