Royal Rosé Kombucha - Case of 6

Royal Rosé Kombucha - Case of 6

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A subtly fruity flavoured Kombucha, a beautiful rose colour and a tang of organic natural wine, we knew from the start it was something special. Using a special, aromatic, sweet and bright fruit tea, presents a sparking sweet kombucha, mirroring a delicious rosé sparkling wine.

Originally a seasonal Summer special that you couldn't get enough, we now add Royal Rosé to our core range at The Fermentation Station.

With all the fruits in a glass, this tea contains hibiscus blossom, currants, papaya, elderberries, raspberry, strawberry, blackcurrants and blueberries!

Phew, deffo get your 5 a day in here.

Also available in a 750ml Champagne Bottle!

Ideal served on its own over lashings of ice or why not try making a jug of Royal Pimms Cup, 100ml of Pimms, 30ml of your favourite gin, top up with a bottle of Harrogate royal, add a little lemonade and strawberries, mint and orange, simply served over ice for picnic perfection!

For an alcohol free alternative add 25ml of elderflower cordial to a glass, 125ml of soda water and top with Harrogate Royal Kombucha, served in a gin balloon over lashings of ice.