Dill Pickle Kraut

Dill Pickle Kraut

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Picture the scene you're making a delicious sandwich for lunch and you want something tangy to boost the flavour...

Do you go for a classic American style dill pickled gherkin all sliced up?


Do you pop a big pile of the original European ferment sauerkraut on top?

Why not have both? With our Spring special Dill Pickle Kraut, now you can!

Using those same gherkins we made famous in our Bread and Butter Pickles! (2 stars Great Taste winners), we have fermented them in our traditional sauerkraut mix with the addition of the deliciously fresh citrus and grassy notes of the Dill. 

This spring kraut is the perfect addition to any hearty sandwich, burger or hotdog situation you have going on.

The fresh dill flavours traditionally lend themselves towards fish but why not try mixing a dollop of this into your chickpea tuna butty or if your making banana blossom vegan fish n chips, why not use this kraut to mix up a home made tartare sauce.

Take Care of your ferment, check out our Gut-Loving Guide


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