Leek, Lemon & Samphire Kraut
Leek, Lemon & Samphire Kraut

Leek, Lemon & Samphire Kraut

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At The Fermentation Station we focus on small-batch seasonal sustainable ferments, and this one belongs in our Spring collection. This season we are taking on two Sauerkrauts to surprise your taste buds, that tie in with all things Spring and welcome the warmer months.

Our Leek, Lemon and Samphire Kraut focuses on using traditional methods to create a light, refreshing ferment. We hand harvested our Leeks locally at Claremont Farm, Wirral, completing the food waste loop. The leeks add sharpness and funk, whilst the Lemons create a refreshing, aromatic and herbaceous edge. The addition of Samphire only contributes to the that beautiful fresh funky ferment perfect for seafood. 

As the Easter weekend approaches in Spring, this ferment is everything you need for your Good Friday fish. We created this Sauerkraut to pair perfectly with a beautiful fillet of Seabass, or to add an extra crunch to your Chickpea Tuna sandwich. 

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